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Mrs. Crawford

Monday November 3, 2014

  • Language Arts - we are continuing to work on our Book Trailers.  You could ask you son/daughter about the novel we read and the main idea of "A Long Walk to Water."
  • Math - we looked at Volume of prisms and cylinders today.  Tomorrow we will be learning about surface area of rectangular prisms and cylinders.  You could ask your son/daughter to calculate the volume of objects in your home.
  • Phys Ed - students are the teachers. Students are presenting his/her fitness blast 10 minute warm ups to the class.  Excellent ideas and warm ups! Please remind students that we are going to have phys ed outside, until the gym is completed.
  • Music - students reviewed for their quiz next Monday November 10th.
  • Science - we are currently working on chapter 11 and looking at a chapter 11 quiz on Friday.
  • INTERMEDIATE GIRLS VOLLEYBALL TRYOUT AT FOXBORO P.S. on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 7th from 4-5pm.  Rides are needed for the girls.

Thursday October 30th

Finally, we are enjoying our new school and classroom! Some things that are occuring in the classroom are:

  • Language Arts - we finished our oral novel "A Long Walk to Water." You could ask your son/daughter about what they learned from the novel. Students are writing an open response answer to a question from the novel.  As well, students are working on completing a book trailer about the novel.  Open response answers are due Monday November 3rd and Book Trailers will be due Friday November 7th.
  • Math - we are in the middle of our Measurement unit. Students had a quiz today on perimeter and area of triangles, parallelogram and trapezoids (Grade 7) and circles (Grade 8). We are moving on to surface area and volume of shapes.  Students final taks will be a performance task called "Ship the Chip."
  • Science - we finished our first 2 chapters in our units on Heat in the Environment (Grade 7) and Water Systems (Grade 8).  Students have completed a quiz for chapter 10 and will have another next week.  As well, students will have a performance task to complete for the end of the unit task.
  • Orange and Black - students are asked to wear Orange and Black tomorrow (Friday) for Halloween,

Thursday September 25, 2014

Math - we had our unit 1 test today. Students have had lots of review and completed a practice test yesterday.  We will be starting our new unit in Patterning on Monday.

Language Arts - students are working on expressing his/her opinion on topics relevant to their age group.  They have written a rant they will be recording at school next week.  Please ask your son/daughter to read it to you and practice saying them out loud this weekend, as it will be an oral communication mark.  We watched a few Rick Mercer rants in class to get an idea of how they should sound.  Students were also introduced to their summative writing task, they will be writing his/her opinion on:

Grade 7 - who/what they think had the greatest influence on the creation of New France.

Grade 8 - which reason they think was the most effective in unifying Canada.

History - we are finishing our first unit in History. Grade 7's have been working on our unit on New France and all the people/situations involved in its creation.  Grade 8's have been working on Confederation and all the reasons for the creation of the Dominion of Canada.  We will be looking at a unit test on Monday October 6th.  I will go over with students what they need to study and give them a cue card they can use on the test.

Students will also be working on their summative task, their opinion piece I explained above in Language Arts.

Phys Ed - we have phys ed 3 times a week.  I encourage all students to bring a change of clothes and shoes to participate, as we do tend to get sweaty and stinky! Students are working through their first fitness tests. Next weekm students will be asked to set some personal fitness goals that they would like to work towards for the end of the year. At the same time we are working on a unit on Flag football.


Thursday October 2nd, 2014

  • Math - students received his/her unit test back, please check with them on how they did. Stuents ar working on the new unit on Patterning.  Homework for tonight is a worksheet.
  • Portfolios - will be going home at the end of next week to be signed - they will include Math quiz, unit test, Reading summative assessment, Oral communication rubric for Rants, History unit test and final writing summative opinion pieces.
  • Language Arts - students are completing their summative writing piece on his/her opinion on Grade 7 - who had the greatest influence on the creation of New France and Grade 8 - what reason for confederation do you think had the greatest influence on the creation of Canada?
  • History - students are working on their study guide/cheat sheet for their unit test on Monday Octiber 6th.

Wednesday September 24, 2014

* Math - we completed our practice test today. Students should be reviewing any questions they were unsure of. Unit test is tomorrow.

* Language Arts - students are to continue to practice reading their rants.  We will be filming them in school sometime next week. Students were introduced to their summative writing task. They are to:

Grade 7 - students will write an opinion piece on who/what they think had the greatest influence on the creation of New France.

Grade 8 - students will write an opinion piece on which reason (of the the 6 we studied in class) they think was the most effective in unifying Canada.

* Art - students should be finished their pattern line art.

* History - we are continuing to work through chapter 3. Grade 8's are reading through chapter 3 indepednetly. Grade 7's we discussed the questions involvong the seven years war in New France.

* Spaghetti Lunch - there will be a spaghetti lunch tomorrow for those who paid for it, during our 2nd lunch break in the cafeteria.

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